Time to reboot AGAIN in Miami


I have to be honest with you i did not see this one coming. I thought Gase would be giving one more year to prove himself with somebody other than Tannehill at the helm. The more i read though its really starting to show that Gase wasn’t very well liked in that locker room, mostly by the veterans which is even more surprising to me.


We all know he had trouble with some of his players, he shipped out stars like Landry and Ajayi. He had complete control over the 53 man roster, even going as far as bringing in Jay Cutler rather than drafting Deshaun Watson, which most of the Dolphins brass wanted to do. 


I wouldn’t say he underachieved in his time in Miami but i do think he tried to run this team like he was Bill Belichick. Only one glaring difference there, Patriots win and they win a lot. The Dolphins do not win, we have suffered with mediocrity since the Marino days. I also don’t think these team needs a complete rebuild, we just need a FUCKING quarterback and we’ve needed one for years now. Not just any quarterback either, we need a franchise quarterback.


I have no idea who the coach will be next year, lots of rumours of Sexy Rexy and honestly i don’t think he’s a terrible fit. Miami needs to be a place that players want to come and play again and Rex has always been a players coach. Whoever we hire, I’m all in on going tank for Tua and drafting him in 2020. Brady isn’t getting any younger and at some point this division is going to be up for grabs again. Now if there ever was a time to turn this thing around it’s NOW. Please Dolphins just give us some hope that we can be a quality, consistent football team for the first time since the nineties.


I didn’t love Gase, i didn’t hate Gase, but today feels like we have some hope again as Dolphins fans. PLEASE, FINALLY turn this thing around FINSUP.

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