Thursday Night With Chuck And Shaq

NBA Thursday’s are always a treat cause TNT comes in hot with Shaq and Chuck. It’s an even bigger treat when Kawhi heads back to San Antonio and Houston travels to Golden State. We have a few college games to ball with too so lets get into it.

Last night was a good night, hitting 5 of 6 bets and making a little chunk of change. I’m always a huge proponent that whatever happened the night before doesn’t mean shit and it’s the truth. In the NBA, we’re taking these TNT games. Raptors @ Spurs and Rockets @ Warriors are two games that everyone should be interested in. Kawhi returns home and to be honest I don’t love either team here. My mind is telling me Raptors but my heart is telling me Spurs. I usually never listen to my heart but it’s 2019 so lets try this shit out. Spurs at home -2.5 and that’s cause I like San Antonio when they play in Texas. Spurs fans are going to be loud and Demar is also going to want to get some revenge on the Raptors. Dear gets his revenge tonight and Danny Green kisses a lot of hands. The Rockets are a team that is absolutely rolling right now. James Harden is playing basketball on a different level so the spread being at 8 points is too high for me. Rockets +8 at Golden State and the over is a safe play if you don’t wanna bet against the Warriors. Don’t know why you wouldn’t want to though, they dominated the league for years so lets laugh and bet against them every chance we get. Rockets will probably lose but by more than 8 points is aggressive, expect this line to change. Disclaimer: I’m taking the over in Denver/Sacramento 227 cause rooting for points is what makes me love the NBA.
When the over looks terrible in the 1st quarter

The college game has quickly turned into a favorite of mine as far as betting goes. Last night I had Maryland and they covered by half a point. Half a point covers can make or break a persons year so to get one this early into 2019 makes me feel great. With that being said, we need some locks in the college game tonight, not these last second half point victories (even though they keep me young.) Michigan at home -11, Indiana at home -11, and Iowa away +8. I think Purdue is good but 8 points against Iowa is tough. They play good defense and fundamentally they are unbelievable. Michigan has PSU and now that football season is over the students at UMich need a real team to root for. This Michigan team is a legit contender this year, Penn State isn’t, logic is flawless. Indiana has Illinois at home and Illinois hasn’t had a great recruit in years so expect Langford and the boys to take care of business before a big Thursday night in Broad Ripple for the boys of the Hoosiers. I wish there were more games on throughout the day but that would be brutal for my bank account when this train starts to slip. 

Recap: Spurs -2.5, Rockets +8, Denver/Sacramento over 227, Michigan -11, Iowa +8, Indiana -11. Lotta games tonight so lets stay hot with these 6. Good luck to all in your gambling endeavors, let’s win some cash.