Thursday Night Basketball Recap And Friday Picks

Before we get into it, Carmelo Anthony is a curse. The Houston Rockets lost by 18 points to a Thunder team who didn’t have Russel Westbrook. This is the same team that was the “best team in the league” last year. Now, without Trevor Ariza they are somehow crumbling. If you told me last year this team would lose to the Thunder without Westbrook playing, I would of told you I also lost a bet. Call me a fortune teller and a curse teller cause Melo’s career has turned him into a Conjuring-esque idol. That, along with a Celtics 7 point overtime victory after being down 20 points were my two losses. Celtics -9.5 is still a lock. If you want an honest blog about the Celtics, look elsewhere, because I’ll slam them till I have nothing left to bet.

The other two we cashed in on was the Trail Blazers -5 and….OVER 239.5! Makes sense that this Bucks Warriors game went over cause I said the NBA was watching my blog and because I called them out, they know they can’t stop the overs. Let’s hope the trend continues tonight. The Trail Blazers covered 5 by plenty and I think betting against the Clippers this year might be safe. If not bet that over cause they can’t play defense for shit. Our over 230 record is at 2-2 and overall were batting a cool .500, lets get above that 50% mark with these picks tonight. 

We’ll start with our over 230 because we only got one tonight (makes sense NBA is watching me) and it’s Timberwolves Kings over 230.5. I’ll be honest, This is the first over 230 that I don’t like, but were testing theories here so were taking it anyways. If it looks bad at halftime, expect me to double down immediately. Next, and most obvious, were taking Celtics +6 at the Jazz. I’m also going to double down here and take the Celtics ML at +205. I know they looked bad last night and are playing back to back but we’ll get the job done. Last two I’m going with is Hornets/76ers over 226 and Pacers @ Heat -1.5. This is the second time I’ve bet against the Heat this week so if it doesn’t go well expect us to start betting on Miami. Oladipo is hot (also on my fantasy team) and I want to ride him and Sabonis to the promise land. I feel like every time I watch Philly play I see Ben Simmons playing James Harden defense. Kemba has a big night and this game goes way over. Again, if you don’t like them, bet against me and make some money, I’m still taking credit for your success. For those of you betting with me, let’s ride.

It’s Friday, everyone have a great weekend and look for some more picks tomorrow.