The XFL Is Back And I Need To Decide On A Team

The XFL is back and I was pissed about it but now I’m all in. More football, more gambling, and now all I need is a team to half ass root for.

Anyone who likes football will enjoy in 2020 when a week after the Super Bowl a whole different season starts. Right now, it looks like February 8th or 9th is when this season will kick off for the XFL. The 8 cities getting teams are New York, Dallas, Houston, Carson (Cali), Seattle, St Louis, Tampa Bay, and Washington D.C. Most teams will play in stadiums already taken up by pro teams – Houston using the local college facility and Dallas using the old Rangers (MLB) stadium. The mascots definitely will sway my decision on who I’m rooting for, but as of right now I absolutely LOVE St. Louis. We own the Cardinals and I always enjoyed watching the Blues/Tarasenko so St. Louis seems to be the place I’ll go with. Also, the few football fans still in that city will go balls to the wall for games at the Dome so I’m all in. Hopefully they are the St. Louis Ligers or something cool like that.
Waking up a week after the Super Bowl with Football on

I’m not sure this XFL is going to be similar to the one before, but let’s just hope the rules aren’t as soft as the NFL now. The plan now looks as though the XFL is going to be all in on gambling on the games and using the legalization of that to benefit their own brand will draw more people to the XFL. The other thing is going to be skill level. 900 guys who were cut from the NFL last year have been invited to try out for next season. Obviously the talent won’t be as good, but if the hits are bigger and there can be more of an old school football feel, I think this could workout for sure. Let’s get excited about more football in America and start cheering for the St. Louis Ligers. (Really should think about that being the name of the team going forward.)

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