The NFL Loves Coming In on It’s High Horse, And In This Case It’s A Bronco.

The NFL loves coming in on it’s high horse, and in this case it’s a Bronco. The Bronco’s have released Chad “Swag” Kelly after being arrested for Criminal trespassing.

Sure, some of you at first may agree with someone losing their job for “Criminal Trespassing” but lets look at what really happened. Per the tweet and the criminal report above, on the teams night off, Swag attended what seems to be a lovely Cowboy Western themed party that Von Miller hosted. He probably got a little too drunk, got in a fight, got kicked out, then accidentally stumbled into the wrong home wearing his Cowboy attire. Watching video from the party, I don’t blame him. It looked like a pretty dope party.

Yes, Swag has had some issues in the past and that’s the reason why he had to play at Clemson, ECCU (Last Chance U), Ole Miss, and then fell all the way to Mr Irrelevant in the draft but that doesn’t mean he cant get drunk and stumble into a house that isn’t his. Is getting beat with a vacuum wand not punishment enough?  WE ALL have friends who have done this.  This is the big difference between the NFL and Cube Life though.  In Cube Life when you get too drunk and walk into someones house there are absolutely zero repercussions besides the fine and and possibly a bruised ego.  In the NFL, you lose your job. That needs to change.  Elway should’ve walked over to the nearest office building and asked the managers there if it’s a fireable offense.  The Cube Life managers make the final call on whether a player gets waived or not. They would love it, I would love it.

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