The NFL is Rigged for Drew Brees

The NFL is rigged for Drew Brees.

Sep 17, 2017; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) during warmups before a game against the New England Patriots at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I’d like to say that I am not an NFL rigs games guy, the Italians rig games.  However, when I lay out all the facts it will be hard to not think that something is going on.

First things first, I want to make this clear. I’m a fan of Drew Brees. Before Drew Brees if you were a skinny white kid under 6 feet you inspired to be Wayne Chrebet, Brandon Stokley, or Wes Welker, not exactly NFL royalty. More like CTE royalty. At least with Drew we now could dream about being QB royalty, the greatest of all the royalties. Drew led the way for guys like Russel Wilson, Case Keenum, Johnny Manziel, Chase Daniel, and Baker Mayfield to at least get a chance in the league. Sure some of them aren’t great but Before Drew no one that size was getting a chance. Flutie was in the league strictly for drop kicks so don’t even bring him up.

Now that I have made it clear that I appreciate Drew Brees, here is the case for the NFL rigging games for him. I don’t know why the NFL decided to do this for Drew, I assume it’s because he chose New Orleans over Miami when New Orleans needed a savior but who knows exactly why.

Speaking of New Orleans needing a hero and a savior after Katrina. Quick shout out to Steve Gleason and one of the coolest moments in NFL History

Alright let’s get into the things that have gone either the Saints way or Drew’s way that could be deemed “suspicious.”

  1. The Sea parts for Steve Gleason on the first punt in the SuperDome after Hurricane Katrina. Like I said, one of the coolest moments of all time, but how often does a rusher come that free up the middle.
  • The Saints recover one of the ballsiest onside kicks of all time in Super Bowl XLIV against the Colts. The dog pile was absolute mayhem. Sources tell me that the refs were yelling “blue ball” (Colts ball) originally and then changed to the Saints. The video below does not show the refs pointing for the Colts at any point but that’s what I’m told.
  • Peyton Manning throws a pick six to Tracey Porter to seal the game for the Saints. At first that seems like a normal football play until you really break it down.  Tracey Porter basically ran the route for Reggie Wayne. Reggie Wayne being a guy who caught 856 balls from Manning. A ball being intercepted that easily on a pass between those 2 is not a common occurrence. Was Tracey tipped off? Peyton and Reggie are both from Louisiana…… hmm.
  • 2012 Drew Brees breaks Johnny Unitas record for most games in a row with a TD pass. This is where the suspicion switched from the Saints to strictly Drew Brees. Drew breaks the record during a primetime Sunday Night Football game, against the Chargers (the team that chose Phillip Rivers over him), to a WIDE OPEN Devery Henderson.
  • 2018 Drew Brees becomes the all-time passing yards leader in the NFL. Once again this was done during a primetime game. Once again to a WIDE OPEN receiver for a TD. Sure the NFL tried covering up the rigging by enforcing a penalty for excessive celebration even though his whole family is there with the huge Hall of Fame dude with his white gloves and a certificate for Drew to have but I saw right through it.
  • Last week Drew Brees throws his 500th TD and beats the Ravens, the only team he had never beaten.  It wasn’t that he beat the Ravens on the day he threw his 500th TD it was how he beat the Ravens on the day he threw his 500th TD.  The NFL fired up there ole wind machine and forced Justin Tucker to miss an Extra Point. Justin Tucker, the league’s most accurate kicker. Justin Tucker who hadn’t missed an XP since High School. 314 Extra Points in a row. Doesn’t matter how many extra points you’ve hit in a row when you’re against Drew and the NFL. Hmmmmmm

Like I said, I’m not an NFL is rigged guy, but when the evidence is laid out in front of you.  It’s tough to argue.

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