The Fading Canadian Dollar

Our dollar is fading and fading fast. Close to 74 cents this morning to the american dollar. Their saying that its only going to continue to drop more and more with possibilities of it going as low as 70 cents.

With oil prices dropping you would think we would have the luxury of cheap gas as well, guess again still at 1.28 a litre. When compared to what you guys are paying in the States that is 3.40 a gallon and don’t even get me started on chew thank god for black buffalo or I’d be broke.

The low dollar does have its one plus side for me though so i shouldn’t complain too much. With our dollar being so low it definitely keeps the Shipyard busier. When American Ships can be done by us while their dollar is worth 1.25 to our 1.00 that is the one good thing for me. As Canadians we will continue to get rinsed on everything and not make much of a stink about it because that would just be ya know mean, and thats not us.

Hopefully eventually it will start to head in the other direction but for now its not looking too promising. Good to be back blogging and sharing my thoughts with y’all.

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