The Chinese Government has a New Cheat Code for Immortality

Here I am sitting here on a nice casual Friday looking forward to the weekend, minding my own business, and perusing the internet for lolz and now I have to cope with and process this…

The Chinese Government created an artificial intelligence that looks undistinguishable from a real human, that LEARNS from social media, search engines, and live broadcasts, digests all of this information, and reports the news to the public. This is my nightmare. 

Although this creature of evil still sounds like a robot douche voice it won’t be long until they perfect the tones and inflections and the world’s biggest population are being fed robot agenda’s and propaganda. Allegedly the anchors can be fed text by humans to so they are under control, for now…

This type of digital cloning is such a terrifying precedent. It is essentially a cheat code to live forever. Anyone on this planet could be copied and put on the internet and TV spinning whatever fallacies or slander the controlling party can imagine.

China’s not quite a dictatorship, but they are an overbearing communist government who demand total obedience from their citizen’s. Could you imagine if a megalomaniac dictator like ol’ Jim Kong Un got a hold of this? The North Korean’s already view him as a god like figure, with this technology he could essentially live and rule forever. Even when his mortal body passes on… Let’s say he dies in secret after gorging on a mountain of cheese, wine, and Korean meth hookers, a group of government officials could take power and use this tech to still send messages, control, and deliver directives through state run television and the general population would be none the wiser.

When TV execs in America figure this out and replace all of the high priced broadcasters and television hosts with cheap digital clones we’re in for a real treat. Get ready for 100 more years of scorching Skip Bayless takes about the Cowboys while spewing hate for Lebron long after he’s retired, entered the hall of fame, become President, and passed on to 6 feet under.

What a time to be alive. 

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