Steve Carell Confirms An Office Reboot Is Coming!

Just kidding, he didn’t. Probably a good thing too. Personally, give or take a handful of episodes, The Office sucked a big ole phallus after Steve Carell left. I thought Bobby California sucked, Ellie sucked, and the whole storyline with Jim and Pam potentially getting divorced was absurd. The writers had nothing else to write about so they figured they’d tug at the heart strings of everyone who wanted a relationship like Jim and Pam’s (hint: pretty sure relationships like that don’t exist.)

I’d prefer Steve Carell leave Michael Scott in the past. It also seems that everyone on the cast has moved on to different television shows and movie roles, so I don’t think anyone really needs an Office reboot to put food on their table, but I could be wrong.

If you’re whining that you want an Office reboot, grow up. They gave us 6ish incredible seasons of TV, and anymore that almost never happens. Still highly rewatchable and delivers the same type of laughs that it did on first viewing. So if you’ve got a hankering for more Michael Scott, just rewatch those. Or the bloopers, those are always an absolute hoot.

Also, it would be nice if Steve Carell focused on his dramatic chops again. He was incredible in Foxcatcher, and although the footage from the trailer is very brief, he’s playing Donald Rumsfeld in probably my most anticipated film of the year in Vice

It’s about time Steve Carell got back on his horse and went Oscar hunting. Sorry about that headline though.. The Office isn’t coming back.