Stan Lee, Dead at 95

It’s a sad day in the Marvel Universe as Stan Lee, the creator of so many of our favorite superhero’s, is dead at 95.

Stan Lee dying is awful. Nobody wants to see a guy who’s had an impact on such a massive franchise to go anywhere. With that being said, Marvel is going to be fine, the movies are still going to be unreal, and even without Stan Lee’s cameo’s, I think the films will survive. Speaking of, Stan has been making cameos in movies since the 80s so here are five that will be ranked accordingly after the fact. 

The Amazing Spiderman

Stan Lee had noise canceling headphones before anyone did

Iron Man 3

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Ant Man

Michael Pena voicing over Stan Lee, always awesome

Guardians of the Galaxy  Vol. 2

I enjoy all of Stan Lee’s cameo’s which is why these are all evenly tied for fifth or first, whatever floats your boat. To a legend, thank you for the Marvel Universe. It’s something enjoyed by people of all ages and will continue to be watched all over the world. 

RIP Stan Lee.