Soulja Boy Is The New Bill Gates

Twitter – In addition to the SouljaGame Console, the rapper is selling a handheld version, SouljaPods, a SouljaWatch, a SouljaPad, SouljaHeadphones and a SouljaPhone.

“Hey mom…yeah, I know what I want for Christmas.” Soulja Boy is doing what everyone else should be doing. These days inventions are just little branches off of bigger ideas. Venmo is just Paypal, the android is just an iPhone, I have no idea if these are comparable but you see what I’m saying (NFL – XFL). I have so many questions for Soulja Boy and the first one has to be what the fuck is a Hand rope hole? I think it’s probably where the wii like lasso is located, but why is that necessary for this piece of machinery? I don’t think the nintendo switch has a hand rope hole so the only possible explanation on why the rope hole is there is incase you wanted to “crank that” after a Fortnite win.
Me winning a Fortnite game on my new SouljaGame console

I find it hysterical that Soulja Boy coined the “SouljaGame Console” and made it look exactly like the new xbox console. The handheld is just a big white psp that also has a gameboy vibe to it to really draw you in. This is the exact same thing as Meek Mill taking a bag of regular cereal and putting it into his own cereal box and calling it his product. These rappers are world class businessmen and it’s hard not to do the superman right into the store to buy one of these bad larry’s.

These are the games that SouljaConsole should have downloaded onto their mainframe and just charged a shit ton of money. This would basically be the playstation classic but the SouljaConsole is an original product, allegedly. Soulja Boy has always been a big gamer so it surprises me it took him this long to create some sort of knockoff to get a couple quick bucks. Good for him though, should of been done years ago by Pdiddy or 50 cent but Soulja did it again. 

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