Shaq And Chuck Thursdays

We finally get Shaq and Chuck back in our lives and hopefully we get another “fight” between two teams so we can get this sort of reaction. Saw this yesterday and it’s perfect for throwback Thursday. Shaq and Chuck just laughing in the face of Chris Paul and others, classic.

The first of three picks will be with my favorite team to bet on right now, the Sacramento Kings. They travel to Charlotte for a little showdown in the Carolinas and the spread right now is Kings +3. Charlotte is coming off a massive win against the Spurs in Tony Parkers return to Texas. There hasn’t been many bright spots in the Hornets season but the win against the Spurs was awesome. Big drop off against the young guns from Sacramento and I think the Kings even get the win tonight. Hornets have always been just below being a good team but have been a player away. Jordon needs to sack up and start recruiting guys, or put a jersey on and give Kemba Walker a little help. Something to think about Mike.

The last two are both underdogs, one coming from college and one coming from the league of the pros. First, we go to Toronto after their back to back with the Celtics. I haven’t bet on the Suns basically at all, but tonight, we take the Suns +8.5. Toronto on a back to back without their big man might be a little too much, even for the Phoenix Suns. Last night was a primetime, emotional, close game wth the Celtics. Toronto still wins, but I think Phoenix makes it close. Celtics lost to Phoenix on a back to back at home, don’t be surprised if the young legs come ready to run with the Raptors. Last, my second college play (the other including two more NBA’s being featured on Bro Bro Bro Bets tonight @6) comes from Florida International University. They are taking on Western Kentucky in Kentucky but I still love FIU tonight. The spread is +11.5 and it screams “take the spread Connor,” so I’m gonna listen. FIU +11.5 at WKU and even though this half of picks has 2 underdogs, the 3 you’ll get from Gabagoool’s are perfect for tonight. Forgot about Knicks @ Wizards in London at 3 pm today but slam the Wizards. Enes Kanter can’t travel outside the US or he’ll get snagged by Turkish ninjas.

Recap: Wizards -8, FIU +11, Kings +3, Phoenix +8.5. Those are just half the picks for tonight, don’t forget the Wizards play at 3 pm today in London. Good luck to all, and check back in at 6 for the Bro Bro Bro Bets picks live from Gabagoool’s.