Saban And Bama Go Down

I know I’m a day late but i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about Nick Saban and the Tide getting it handed to them on Monday night. I did not see this coming, i thought it’d be a very tight game going either way. What we got was something we don’t get to see very often and it was a beautiful thing at least for me anyways.

In Nick Saban’s tenure at Alabama we have never seen anything like this. What the Tide have been doing to teams for years finally happened to them on Monday night. They were outplayed in every aspect of the game and maybe the most surprising of all they were out coached. Yes you read that right, a Nick Saban team that had time to prepare, to set up a game plan was completely out coached by Dabo Sweeney and the rest of his staff.

Ive never seen anything close to this, Alabama has lost big games in Saban’s tenure but never like this. When he had the ball before halftime, fifty seconds left and three timeouts for Saban to take a knee and go into the half is completely unheard of. When have you ever seen him not go for the jugular whenever he has the chance. I know they will be back next year probably ranked number one to start the season, but Clemson will be right there with them again. Since 2015 they each have two national championships and no one should be surprised if it’s one of them again in 2019.

If your wondering where my hatred comes from for Saban, yes I’m still bitter he quit on the Dolphins to go to Alabama. So to be able to watch this even for just one night it was a very beautiful thing to see. Saban steaming on the sideline while his team gets spanked will always be welcome to these eyes. Hope y’all enjoyed it as much as i did, halfway through the week lets have a Wednesday.

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