Rams Special Teams Guide Them To The Big Dance

Rams were off to a slow start yesterday, down 13-0 early and their offence couldn’t get the ball moving at all. They hadn’t had a first down on the day until John Hekker dialed up a fake punt to get the momentum going in their favour.


This completely changed the game if the Rams didn’t get the execution right it would of been Saints ball on their thirty up 13-0 already. Great throw and a great move by Sam Shields to get the first down. 


Now onto Greg The Leg Legatron whatever you wanna call him he had a damn day yesterday. Everyones talking about his 57 yard bomb to win it but he also hit this clutch 48 yarder to tie the game to send it to overtime. 


What an absolute bomb to win the game this thing looked like it could of been good from seventy. In a football era that is all about offence i think these playoffs have been a good reminder that special teams are still a huge part of this game. This was just your friendly reminder that kickers matter too. What a great day ForTheBrand and hopefully these Rams can pull off one more win so we all don’t have to take another Patriots win. Hope y’all enjoyed both amazing games yesterday lets have a week!!


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