Pringles Just Changed The Thanksgiving Game

Last year Pringles released a line of Thanksgiving Dinner-flavored chips to the media only, and some people raised a big stink because they wanted to try them too. This year everyone can experience the thrill, because the brand is releasing three of their exclusive Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles flavors — turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie — online on November 6.

Pringles is revolutionizing the game with this move right here. Thanksgiving, personally, is the best holiday with the least amount of pressure. Christmas is cool but you have to worry about getting gifts for people and you have to worry about getting a shitty gift and still having to react like its an awesome one. But not on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is all about vitamins, leftovers, and watching the Cowboys lose. 

You can’t knock Pringles for this attempt here. People love Thanksgiving so why not try and capture a few of the favorite items on most peoples lists’. Stuffing, pumpkin pie, and turkey are all lovable selections at the dinner table in the third week of November. Why wouldn’t they try and make a chip that encapsulates the greatest holiday of the year? I’m going to still go ahead and have the real version of stuffing, pumpkin pie, and turkey, but stocking up on these bad larry’s isn’t a bad idea. Middle of the spring and you pull out pumpkin pie and stuffing Pringles, that’s like walking into a party with two Taco Bell Party Packs. If I do get them, I’m presenting them exactly like this photo, including the red table cloth. Looks classy and wreaks of Thanksgiving. 

Let me know what kind of Thanksgiving Pringles you would choose or make below. Cranberry Sauce Pringles would be the best chaser in the history of food chasers.