Packers LB Coach Winston Moss Takes A Backhanded Shot At Rodgers.. Promptly Gets Fired

BOOM. FIRED. What an idiot. Winston Moss was a Mike McCarthy disciple, so it’s no surprise that his ass is getting sent out the door right behind McCarthy. I understand wanting to stand up for your guy, but christ he sounds like a moron. Rodgers has acknowledged that he needs to be better, and that he actually wants to be coached. Saying you need to find “someone who is going to hold #12 and everyone else in the building to the ‘Lombardi Standard,’ is essentially just taking a shot at McCarthy. Wasn’t part of his fucking job as a Head Coach in the NFL to hold players–even Rodgers– accountable? After all, it’s hard to hold players accountable when you can’t even hold yourself accountable for the terrible decisions you make, but we’re not going to rehash that.

I just never understand this type of stuff. From the outside looking in, the Packers linebackers, with the exception of a bright spot here and there, weren’t great this year. So I don’t where Winston Moss gets off throwing shade at management, and especially Rodgers. I’ll beat this drum until I’m dead.. if the Packers didn’t have Aaron Rodgers, they would be one of the three or four worst teams in the NFL. The guy is the straw that stirs the drink. Period.

Pretty decent stats for arguably one of the “worst” years of his career, but I’m not a huge analytics guy, nor am I a statistician.

Good start to the eventual regime change, though. I felt like I had my throat ripped out yesterday when Bruce Arians said he wasn’t interested in the Packers job. Pretty much the only guy I wanted to see come to Green Bay. But it isn’t happening. So hopefully they continue to keep vetting candidates, and get rid of every Mike McCarthy disciple in the process. New coaches, new culture.. let’s get it done.

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