Ol’ Dirty Bastard Is A Legend. Period.


How wild is this? Ol’ Dirty Bastard doesn’t care who you are, or who you’re connected to, legends stay legends. His demands in the studio are eerily reminiscent of Diddy’s now infamous demands of the members who were trying to make his band, make famous by a Chappelle’s Show sketch.

You can’t really knock ODB either. His involvement in this song made it a much bigger hit than the original ever was. It goes back to the old adage, “be who you can afford to be.” Want ODB to come in and record a verse? Give him 15 grand, some Newports, and anything but fucking Heineken’s. Oh you need him to do a spot for the music video? That’ll be another 15 grand plus new clothes he’s going to rock in the video. Better yet, give him the corporate card so he can buy some Louis Vuitton luggage to stunt with too. You do want this to be a banger, right?

In hindsight, this really isn’t that ridiculous of a request. You want high quality shit, you better be prepared to pay top dollar for it. Just look at some of the shit people like Beiber have on their rider when they do a show.


Just get the man his Newport’s, some Moet, and a comfortable couch to sleep on in the studio, and I can guarantee you’re going to find yourself with an absolute chart topper on your hands. Don’t believe me? Take a listen.

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