North And South Korea Are Officially Friends – Dogs Trump War

Link – If you didn’t see before in the year, Kim Jong donated two gorgeous dogs to Moon Jae-in, South Koreas President. One of the dogs ended up giving birth and now the peace treaty is legit.

Un waving to Moon from across the border with an even bigger smile on his face than that one right there is what going into 2019 should be all about. Look, I’m all about the feuds, but anything that’s lasted longer than 5 years should be dropped. North and South Korea have been Korean brethren forever and they haven’t been able to share their land since the 1950s. You may say, “Connor, why would they wait this long? Do you think the peace will last forever? Do you really believe the Pelicans/Thunder game is going over tonight?” I don’t have the answer to all of these questions, but I do have the answer to one: this peace will last forever and the reason lies below this sentence.

That’s right, puppies end wars. They don’t just end wars, they end armistice’s that have last over 60 years. There is nothing that can compare to the emotion that puppies overtake you with. Un already knew this, and that’s what made him gift dogs knowing one would be pregnant and that Moon would be overjoyed. Kim Jong is going into 2019 with friends, puppies, and the capability of going to South Korea. Now, I don’t think theres a chance Kim Jong leaves his country still, but hey, the option is there. He’s probably too busy playing with his own puppies. Kim Jong’s life has gone similar to Kanye’s. Guy used to stop smiling when he thought people were looking at him, now he’s hugging Trump in the oval office. That’s something they literally have in common. Kim Jong and Kanye friends in 2019?

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