Mike McCarthy Gets Axed, The Packers Win


Huge win yesterday for the Pack. Arguably the biggest lock of the century getting the Pack at -4. I told people to put the farm on it, because I hadn’t been this supremely confident with a bet in a looooooooong time. They were fired up, ready to run through a wall for anyone who wasn’t Mike McCarthy. On the opening drive of the game, Atlanta shoved it right down the defense’s throat, and Joe Philbin burned through two challenges 83 SECONDS INTO THE GAME. Lost both of them, and I was thinking the Pack were in store for another shit storm of a day. Then they rattled off 34 straight points and absolutely buried the Falcons. Rodgee was out there dropping dimes again, Davante Adams is tied for the most receiving tudder’s in the league with 12, Aaron Jones continues to solidify himself as one of the best young backs in the league, the defense racked up some sacks and had their first defensive touchdown of the season. 


We’ve been preaching it for awhile here, but I think the Packers finally found their galvanizing force, and all they had to do was take Mike McCarthy behind the woodshed and put him down. I’m not going to shit on him anymore, I’m glad he got to address the team one final time, and the cell phone footage he shot at night at Lambeau was pretty awesome. He’ll land on his feet somewhere, thank God it won’t be in Green Bay.

I think the future is bright. I’m very optimistic about where things go from here. Rodgers is in the middle of a record setting streak of not throwing interceptions, and he just looked happy to be playing football out there, which hasn’t seemed to be the case the last couple of weeks.


Still have a long ways to go. The Packers get more banged up each year it seems like, and they’re playing with guys who either started the season at the bottom of the depth chart or were on the practice squad. As always, they really need to shore up the defense in the offseason, but they’re in a better spot than they were last week, and that’s all you can ask for right now.


I just hope they don’t win a couple of games here and get my hopes up for a potential playoff run. I know it’s not going to happen, but I can start to feel the hope seeping out of my pores. Crazier things have happened, just need a lot of teams to start shitting the bed here, which is definitely possible. Either way, things are starting to look a little bit brighter in Green Bay, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Love you 12.


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