Man Arrested For The Greatest Prank Of All Time

This is absolutely genius. I like Ikea and it’s furniture but the store is an absolute nightmare. I only go to Ikea out of absolute necessity, but there are Humans that treat it like its the 8th wonder of the world so they flock to it by the thousands.

Honestly every time I’m there I feel like I’m part of a giant cattle drive or better yet that I’m a lemming shuffling along following those dumb arrows with hundreds of humans that I hate like some mindless twat. I actually wish there was a cliff to jump off at the end instead of emptying my bank account for pieces of balsa wood that I will try and justify buying.

Sure you can say that there are shortcuts and you don’t have to stay on the path but have you actually tried doing that? Sorry I didn’t study under Magellan or hire my own personal Ikea Lewis and Clark to shepherd me on this treacherous journey.  Go ahead and roll the dice on using the Ikea shortcuts, it’s like playing a real life game of chutes and ladders. The resemblance between an Ikea map and the board game are indistinguishable. 

Everything that I just said is why this is such an amazing prank. I guarantee these humans were walking around for hours in circles with absolutely no idea that they were in Pan’s Labyrinth waiting for some weird faun to fuck up their whole day. These people got what they deserve. We all get what we deserve every time we walk into that store. Kudos to this man for doing this and just wanting to watch the world burn.

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