Liverpool’s unbeaten run comes to an end

FUCK FUCK FUCK. I was gonna wait till tomorrow to do this but i better do it now while the raw emotions of this game are still with me. In what was a great game of soccer that could of gone either way, Liverpool took their first loss of the season and Man City climbed to within four points of Liverpool at the top of the table. The lads were very unlucky in a came that could of gone either way.

Its always a game of inches and Liverpool were literally an inch from taking the lead early in this game, unfortunately Man City took the lead off a blinder by Aguero. Liverpool climbed back into it with a goal by Firmino and looked like taking this game or at the very least a draw, which would of been just fine and kept the lead at the top to seven.

Many moments in this game could of changed things, the clearance off the line and then the lunging tackle by Vincent Kompany that was very very ugly and could of been a red card on another day. Today things just didn’t seem to fall Liverpool’s way for what feels like the first time all season in the premier league.

Leroy Sane scored the eventual game winner in the 72nd minute against the play a little bit, but again this rollercoaster of a game was a toss up either way. As tough as this loss is for Liverpool and its fans, you have to think that a four point lead at the top right now is still a beautiful thing to have at this point in the season.

This game today was just the start of whats going to be an absolute rollercoaster ride for the rest of the season. We have 17 games left to try and hold onto this lead and claim our first league title since 1990. Until we finally get over the line and do that its always gonna be Liverpool against the world COME ON YOU REDS YNWA

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