Kyrie And The Celtics Show What They Can Do

To say its been a bumpy past week for the Celtics would be an understatement. It started with Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown having to be restrained from each other during a timeout and the rough week hit its peak with the loss to the Magic on Saturday night.

Kyrie let everybody have it after the game Saturday, he was pissed with Hayward and Stevens because they didn’t give him the ball and went on to say that the young players on the Celtics didn’t know what it takes to be a championship level team. Lots of people saying its time to trade Kyrie, the team is better without Kyrie. I understand where your coming from at times but without Kyrie this team doesn’t have any chance at all to reach the NBA Finals this year. With him as you saw last night their as good as anybody in the East and maybe the whole NBA, yes even maybe the Warriors.

This is why he wanted the ball at the end of the game Saturday because he’s a finisher and one of the best in the league at it. He was on a team with Lebron James and at the end of the game Kyrie got the ball, he’s the closer, he’s the player you need to pull out tight games. Kyrie maybe shouldn’t of said what he said, but as much as he wants the young players to be better he knows he has to be a better leader as well. This is what he wanted when he left Cleveland, he wanted his own team and to be a leader. This season has been a learning process for him as a leader and the young players at trying to get on his level. There will be more ups and downs for this team this season i can guarantee it, but if they can figure everything out by the time the playoffs come around their as dangerous as anyone. We saw that on Thursday night by them knocking off the Raptors who have been the top team in the East most the year. Don’t give up on Kyrie, as you saw last night he wants to be a Celtic and wants to be a leader. Hopefully it all comes together for these Celtics sooner than later.

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