Kyle Lowry Is A Baby

BR – “I felt betrayed because he felt betrayed, because that’s my guy,” Lowry said.
Kyle Lowry looking back for Demar Derozan 

I’m not saying Kyle Lowry is wrong for missing his “best friend,” but he’s gotta let this go. As someone who thought the Raptors got screwed in this trade, look how unbelievable they are doing right now. Kyle Lowry doesn’t realize that Kawhi Leonard is a guy who has gone the distance and actually won something in the NBA. Demar Derozan, as much fun as it was to have him as a best friend in Canada where everyone is nice, hasn’t won anything in the NBA thats worth a shit to what Kawhi has done. That might be bias cause I’m one of those ‘championships are the only thing that matters’ guys, but that’s just me.

With that being said, the Raptors are pretty legit this year. Lowry is doing well and Kawhi is playing like he did when he won a Finals MVP. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Celtics have been laying eggs all over the place. It’s definitely going to turn around at a certain point but this season has not gone the way everyone in the world thought it was going to for the Celtics. Jaylen Browns been hurt and even before so he was underwhelming. Not to mention Gordon Hayward but it seems Marcus Smart has beat the talent back into him after his huge 30, 9, and 8 the other night. I’m not worried yet, similar to the Pats week 4, but lets hope we go on a little 19 game win streak like last year. 

Tonight, we got a few games to get back in the saddle and turn things around. First were going Golden State -10.5 over the Cavs. The Cavs are the worst team in basketball and Steph Curry just got back so if they can’t beat the Cavs by 11 then KD should probably just leave now. Next, I’m taking Clippers +1.5 over the Grizzlies at Memphis. Both these teams need to make the playoffs and then the Celtics will have 4 first rounders next year, but I think the Clippers are actually good. They’ve had good picks and I’ve always been a Tobias Harris guy. Last one I’m going with and continuing to go with is Wizards Hawks over 233.5. It would destroy me not to take an over thats above 230 so lets ride it out. It feels good to get back on the gambling horse so lets ride these picks into gambling heaven.

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