Josh Gordon And The NBA

“I take my mental health very seriously at this point” is a BOLD way to start this statement. First, I hope Josh Gordon is ok. Whether he’s a Patriots or not, the mental health game is not one to mess with. Now, the reason I say that was bold is cause at what point before this did Josh not take his mental health serious? Feel like I’ve seen this message a couple times now from Josh and if the substance abuse rumors are true he might get a year and half suspension. Patriots have been able to turn a lotta guys around, but some guys just don’t want to change their lifestyle. Josh was great for us and really hope he gets his life together so he can maybe play for us next year, pending suspension.
Different Josh but still applies 

But this report is about the picks were riding with tonight. We were 2-2 in NBA and 2-1 in college including one of the worst bad beats I’ve been apart of – a last buzzer beater dunk from some fucking asshole who covered the spread like a prick. But we’re going into tonight with a clear conscience and a couple games that should take us to the bank in the best way. There are only two games tonight in the NBA so we’ll take them both and get a couple college games as well. First, the Heat are welcoming their Texas brothers in Houston to take on the Rockets. The Heat have had a few days off but Houston has been rid of the Carmelo curse and I’m gonna ride with the Rockets -3.5 even though the Heat seem to be a lock. Carmelo is the trash can of blame and the Rockets are coming back since they got him out of town. The other game of Thursday night is Mavericks @ Clippers. I’ve been on the Doncic train for quite some time and I refuse to bet against the European wizard so we’re going to take the points all day in this battle. Clippers can’t play defense for shit and the Mavericks are reasonably similar. Over is set at 220.5 so take the over and let’s hope for an entertaining battle in LA.

Two games on the board for the college games today. First, and most obvious is the boys in blue that hail from North Carolina. Not the Tar Heels, but the Blue Devils. Duke -8.5 against Texas Tech in NYC. One of the three studs on Duke (Zion, Barret, Reddish) will be playing in that arena next year so they will all try and get used to a possible new home. Nothing gets a basketball player used to the Garden like spanking a Texas Tech team that just can’t hang with Duke. Then again, who can? The next two teams definitely can’t as we stay in New York City but go to the game at Fordham. Fordham is at home against James Madison and I like Fordham with the points. It’s Fordham -4 and the Rams come out swinging tonight. Probably like this bet the least but hey, you can’t feel great about every bet, or any bet ever. You just never know when someones gonna dunk a basketball with 0.2 seconds on the clock.

Recap: Rockets -3.5, Over 220.5 Mav’s/Clippers, Duke -8.5, Fordham -4. Let’s get it going tonight, good luck to all, hopefully we head into Friday with a green balance.

Post Report: It’s “Josh Gordon and The NBA” cause if he was playing basketball he’d be fine. Haven’t heard of someone getting drug tested or suspended for substance abuse in a while – probably cause J.R. is on a hiatus.