Jets Hire Adam Gase

This would only happen to us Dolphins fans wouldn’t it. The coach who went 23-25 with us without ever really having a quarterback is back coaching and of course in our own division. I was one of the people who was on the fence with Gase thought it was a toss up whether he would be fired by the Dolphins or not. I thought maybe he just needed his own quarterback, somebody better than Ryan Tannehill or a washed up Smokin Jay Cutler, he did turn down the chance to draft anyone better though so he did kind of make his own bed, as most of you know he had complete control over the 53 man roster with the Dolphins.

For any of us who thought Gase might be able to turn things around if he had a young stud quarterback to work with were about to find out. The unfortunate part is its going to be with another team in our division. Adam Gase was never great for us, at times he looked like a world beater and at other times it looked like we were completely dead under him, you never really knew what you were going to get on any given Sunday.

I have no idea how this one is gonna play out, i do know Gase does hold grudges after watching him shove it down the Broncos throat when he went back to Denver while coaching the Dolphins. However this one unfolds the AFC East just gotta little bit more interesting. By the way were still searching for a coach, only the Dolphins and the Bengals left. Yikes. Hopefully after the weekend from what I’ve read. Gonna be another long off season for us Dolphins fans, should be used to it by now though. FinsUp.

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