It’s Snowing Money in Jersey

Would you risk getting hit by a car to grab some free cash floating around on the highway?

An “accident” on a New Jersey highway had a car collide with the back end of a Brinks truck, causing some loose cash to go blowing about in the wind. A number of people jumped out of their cars and scrambled to gather what they could like the poor Jersey peasants they are. 

First of all rear ending a Brinks truck right before Christmas in NJ seems like the least likely accident of all time. “Ah the roads are a little slick I can’t stop oh no! I’m sliding right into this truck full of hundreds of thousands of dollars!” VERY CONVENIENT!

One lady who filmed the aftermath was not having any of it.

She appears quite shocked that people would actually exit their vehicle on a highway with traffic at a stand still no less! Simply to pick up bills just blowing in the breeze. Lady it’s Christmas, times are tight, these people probably haven’t seen sunlight in 38 days and counting, they live in Jersey, things aren’t great, of course they’re going to gobble this money up like Lena Dunham at an all you can eat seafood buffet. 

Congrats to all those lucky bastards who actually got rewarded for sitting in traffic today. Spend it wisely…×13-3orieUwOvGgfNshJa8

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