Is Going 2-3 In Gambling Good?

No, it’s not good, it was a rhetorical question, but we went 2 for 5 and it could be worse.

Yes, fade season is still in session, especially with how ice cold that Vikings pick was. I apologize to all Minnesota fans out there for my pick, but when the fade gods are in your favor, it really isn’t even in my hands at that point.  There is a higher power at work here and whether it’s the gambling demons or gods, I’ve been blessed by a higher or darker light. Last night in the NBA, we weren’t too bad at picking games, over under’s were terrible, but spreads were both locks. Golden State went under by 5 and the Nuggets went over by 4. Absolute shot to the nuts on both those, but it was exhilarating following the game cast. Warriors and Timberwolves can both go to hell but I’m over it cause the Celtics are 200% back.

Terry Rozier is one of the smaller guys in the NBA that I am afraid of but I know we would be friends because of my fandom. With that being said, we beat the Pelicans by 13 without Kyrie Irving. Not many teams can beat the Pelican’s without their best player while letting AD drop 41. Hell of a night for the Celtics and a hell of a morning for the Bulls too. Kings absolutely rolled the 6-22 Chicago Bulls. Second half score was 63-33. They should start thinking about tanking for Zion. Why not? The dude is a lock to be great in the NBA and is a moving refrigerator. On top of that, ticket sales and merchandise would skyrocket for whatever team gets him.

Tonight we got three games so we’ll hit them all and only take the spreads. Across the board I think tonight should go well. This has been my mindset since day one so take that with a grain of salt. Not sure if the Clippers are legit but I’m really hoping they are cause I’m gonna roll with the Doctor and the boys tonight. Clippers +4.5 at home against the Raptors and I like our chances riding with the best team in LA (@Lebron). Another underdog were going with is the Trail Blazers. They are +6.5 at the Rockets and I think the Rockets sort of suck now. To the very least they aren’t 7 points better than the Trail Blazers so I like Lillard and the funky bunch. Last is the Suns in San Antonio against the Spurs. I mean, the Suns have even less wins than the Bulls and Devin Booker might get his wish and have another first overall pick. The super team won’t just “come to him,” as he asked, but they’ll actually have drafted it. Booker, Ayton, and Barret or Zion would be unbelievable. But that’s next year, and tonight the Spurs destroy the Suns. Spurs -12.5 with the possibility of buying points up cause I think they beat the Suns by 30. Tuesday night basketball, let’s go.
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