Is Carlton Taking Dahn Fortnite?

DISCLAIMER – I’m not made for the blogging world.

Alright Alfonso Ribeiro also know as Carlton from one of the greatest tv shows from our childhood Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I’m not sure if I’m able to choose sides but what the heck lets break down both sides. 

Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton

Alright I researched what he did post Fresh Prince and it’s not a lot, no offense of course but just a bunch of tv shows and he landed big with Dancing with The Stars. But other than that not a lot so does this justify for him to sue Fortnite for a dance he never actually copyrighted himself.

Like I get he’s in the process but if he really thought he should have copyrighted it… shouldn’t he have done that right after Fresh Prince or is he doing it because he starting to see how much money its worth. I believe 2K is an other lawsuit Carlton has as well. So the question is do I believe Fortnite should pay the people for using their dance?

Yes!!! Of course, Fortnite has made so much money for having skins and influenced pop culture dance moves from a lot of people. But for the lawsuit I don’t think you can have “Intellectual Property” on a dance move. Then the movie Bring It On would have been way shorter and Kristen Dunst  character would be in jail.

Editor note: Never in my life did I think I can use a Bring It On reference ever.

Alright so it seems like other people are jumping on this lawsuit train. People joining the lawsuit is Backpack Kid, 2 Milley, and Snoop Dogg. End of the day we talked about it on the show this morning but I feel like this lawsuit can’t work.  Even Alfonso was back tracking and said he didn’t originate the dance. Every dance is based of an other dance thats the whole point of choreography. 

Maybe this lawsuit will be the downfall of Fortnite but I truly believe that they will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and come back even stronger.

From The Desk of Director of Morale