In Franchise Defining Game 4 Raptors Get Crucial Win

This offseason the Toronto Raptors went all in, they decided that one year of Kawhi Leonard was worth the risk and went all in to try and get this team finally over the playoff hump. When Leonard is on the court he is without debate one of the best players in the NBA. After games two and three with the Sixers though it looked like that idea could be coming completely undone and they’d be looking at another early exit in these NBA playoffs.

I myself thought they looked out of it, but yesterday Kawhi’s supporting cast finally showed up in a pivotal game four. They have now regained home court advantage in this series and look once again like one of the better teams in the East. As good as the Raptors were yesterday, the Sixers just did not look like the team we saw in games two and three. For whatever reason this Sixers team has to be pushed with their backs against the wall to get the best out of them. Jimmy Butler has looked like the superstar hes always said he is this series, but without help from Joel Embiid this team just won’t get over the hump in these playoffs.

This series is now a best of three heading back to Toronto, whoever takes game five will have a massive advantage heading into game six. I still think this goes seven games regardless of who wins the next game though. You’d have to think the Raps have the advantage now but I also thought the exact same thing after the Sixers weren’t even close in game one. Every time we think we have these playoffs figured out the next game is an absolute curveball. Either way this has been a great series, with great back and forth between these two teams. Im excited to see how this one plays out and if your a Raptors fan you’ve got to hope that they make it out of this round. This could very well be the last time you see Kawhi Leonard in a Raptors uniform and the thought of a team being led by just Kyle Lowry isn’t gonna get you very far in this NBA. Hope y’all enjoyed the weekend and our enjoying these playoffs as much as I am. Lets have a week.

Gump Cathcart