ICYMI: Bobby Petrino Gets Axed On His Own TV Show


This was probably the funniest thing I saw all weekend. I think it’s pretty well known that Bobby Petrino is a huge piece of shit, his past transgressions speaking for themselves. But getting canned while you’re on your own TV show is hilarious. I’m sure this show is broadcasted via tape delay, but it’s funnier to think otherwise. Imagine going through the motions of assuring boosters and fans that you won’t get beat by 61 points again and finding out mid sentence that they’ve decided to have you whacked instead.

Luckily, this time around the scars are emotional and not physical. If you’re a big Petrino guy, take some solace knowing that he’ll be coaching at a place like LA Tech within the next few years. Or maybe he’ll try to head back to the NFL to dive bomb another franchise into the ground, only time will tell.

If I were him, I would consider taking some time off. I would get on my hog, preferably with a hot young coed 20 years my senior, and hit the open road to eat some wind. Just be careful this time Bob, I’ve heard those hogs aren’t the easiest to control.

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