I Have Discovered My Powers


Last night, I went an incredible 1-5. For most, that is terrible but in our case, we are heating up and feeling great. Not to mention, I took the Chiefs and doubled down when they were up 14-0. Very happy to be here to perform for you guys so lets hope it continues on tonight with these NBA picks. 


We are going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to be reverse jinxing any action for everyone’s bets tonight. In the league of baskets, I usually just go with whoever team has the better players. Crazy strategy I know, really payed off last night when James Harden dropped 50 in  Lebron’s face. I like James Harden but Lebron has to just take the ball and score on every possession cause he doesn’t have a legit #2. Harden has CP3. Whatever, we’re over last night. Tonight, we’re taking Celtics -12.5. They play the Hawks at home and even though the Hawks play us pretty tough, the Celtics have been hot. Kyrie should teach Trae Young a thing or two tonight as we rout the Hawks. Another young buck going tonight is Colin Sexton and the Cavs against Milwaukee. Bucks -10.5 in Cleveland all day. Giannis will win the MVP and they will win this game by 15. Cavs are an absolute shit show of a team and the Bucks are very legit this year. 


The Sacramento Kings had a game go into the 270’s the other night. They can score, they can’t play defense, and when they play the Warriors its OVER OVER OVER. Warriors @ Kings over 235 and we are probably hitting another 270 total points in this game. It would be hard to take the opposite, but you are practically forced to hear. Last but not least, Thunder @ Nuggets. This game could go either way so I’m going with the Nuggets at home. They’ve beat the Warriors, Celtics, and Raptors there so they should be able to handle the Thunder. Nuggets +1.5 at home. I like our chances and when I say our chances I mean your chances. 

Recap: Celtics -12.5, Bucks -10.5, Warriors/Kings over 235, Nuggets +1.5. Don’t forget to take the exact opposite, the fade is HEATING up. 


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