I Have A Genius Idea… I Think

So this weekend my brother and I are sitting at our parents house scrolling through the TV Guide and we are blessed with Tremors being on. If you haven’t seen Tremors it is an incredible piece of film that you absolutely need to see. One of the most watchable movies of my life which led us to thinking how many times we had actually seen this movie. 

I genuinely wanted to know how many times and how many hours I spent watching this glorious movie. Now I’m not smart enough but I know someone reading this is smart enough to know how to figure out how many times a person watches a certain thing. I’d love to be able to log into an app or my smart tv and it tell me that I have watched 3,000 episodes of The Office and I am ranked number 13 in the world for number of episodes watched. This will be the newest hottest social media app. People can actually see how much and what their friends are consuming and brag that they are literally the biggest fans of said thing.


The thing that kills me inside is that I know we cannot go back in time so there is no possible way for this idea to tell me everything I have watched in my life. That truly makes my heart hurt. This is the saddest realization I have ever come to. I however am going to do something that I do not normally do. I am going to sacrifice my happiness for the good of humanity. I am Harry Stamper. This idea is for future generations to use.

I am willing to workout a deal with someone who is smart enough and has the capabilities to make something like this. I just need somewhere between 1 & 49% of all profits or we can do royalties or something of that nature. The world needs this. 

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