Hellboy Trailer Is Out And He’s Got A New Arm

The new Hellboy trailer is out and it seems they’re pivoting Hellboy towards the David Harbour/Stranger Things audience. 


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Stranger Things guy, but the Hellboy we all knew was smoking stogies like a marine in Germany. This guy is eating veggies on his way to pop people in the head with his revolver. I always was a Hellboy fan so I’m glad the series can continue, but they should of tried to stay much closer to what the first portrayal depicted, not this octagon arm dude. Also, a little too much cheap humor in one trailer for me. “It smashes things real good.” Come on David, you gotta speak up when you read bullshit in the script, assuming that theres some way to make it sound less like a disney movie. Seriously though, look at the differences between these too guys. 

You can sort of see how the original Hellboy just had the round brick for his arm on the right and this new version has got the octagon going on. I like the bright red much more than this Harvard Crimson looking Hellboy. I like the fact that the daughter is now just another weapon for the United States government to use. Makes me sick how they make the good demons fight the bad demons. Definitely going to watch but don’t think I’m paying money to see it in theaters. Who know’s though, I’m probably gonna see Bumblebee in theater’s and I never thought there was a chance I’d even watch it. Plus, David Harbour is the man.