Has Anybody’s Life Changed Quicker Than This Girl’s?


Can you imagine someone’s life changing quicker than Rachel Zegler’s life changed forever yesterday? Going from an unassuming, average high school student who loves theatre and school plays and then BOOM, you get casted in Steven Spielberg’s new adaptation of ‘West Side Story.’ Pretty fucking wild 24 hours for her I assume. West Side Story is one of the most popular stories of all-time. Every old from here to LA has a heart warming tale about the first time they saw West Side Story. The last film they made about this won Best Picture at the 1961 Academy Awards. Now you’ve got Spielberg coming on board to direct after he’s had a series of minor missteps (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or whatever the fuck it’s called was the start of his run of bad luck.)

If I were Rachel, I think today would be the perfect opportunity to start dancing on some graves at school. Certain guy she liked didn’t want to take her to homecoming? “Oh, I’m sorry we’re not going to be able to hangout for awhile, Steven doesn’t like me to be away from set too long.” A couple mean girls keep giving her shit for being a thespian? “What’re you guys up to next month, I’M GOING TO BE A LEAD ACTRESS IN A FUCKING STEVEN SPIELBERG MOVIE.” If there was ever a time to be a bitch and get some sweet, sweet redemption for anytime that she has been wronged, now is your time to shine. Strike while the iron is hot. I could care less about the movie, the music will probably be incredible, but the whole is more than likely to just be a retread of the original. Still pretty cool that this girl got plucked from obscurity and if she’s being groomed by Spielberg, it stands to reason she could be on her way to a lucrative and successful film career. 


30,000 fucking people. Good for her. Doesn’t have to worry about essays, tests, school work, curfews, all of that bullshit is for the birds. She’s going to be a star now, and star’s don’t put up with this kind of bullshit. Break a leg, Maria.