Godzilla King Of The Monsters Will Be Insane


I may be bias but this has potential to be the best movie of the summer. I’ve been watching 1970 versions of Godzilla since the day I was born and its about time he gets his shine. Especially after Matthew Broderick almost ruined the entire franchise.


Judging by the trailer this is going to be the good Titans vs the bad in a bloodbath to see who will run earth. 2 + hours of incredible fight scenes mixed with humans that the movie writers knew we would immediately love. This movie is loaded with stars of both the human and monster form. Here is who:

America’s Sweetheart – Millie Bobby Brown

You kidding me? You put Millie into ANYTHING and people are automatically going to love her. Whether she is fucking up Demogorgon or trying to survive evil Kaiju Titans, Millie is Queen. 

Coach Taylor aka Kyle Chandler 

Find me a more likable human…you can’t. I would go to war for this man.

Tywin Lannister aka Charles Dance


Anytime you have Tywin Lannister talking about Kinds I am all in. It is also rumored that he is the tie in between the Godzilla vs Kong in 2020. Him being the older version of Hiddleston’s character in the Skull Island Movie. 

Now onto the Monster’s. 

The Man Himself Godzilla

What an absolute unit. Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need. 

King Ghidorah 

Everyone knows this will be the main event. Godzilla vs King Ghidorah is what everyone has been waiting for. 3 headed Mega Dragon is what nightmares are made of.


I was always confused by Mothra because who the fuck is afraid of a moth but I am not here to judge. 


A fucking flaming bird coming out of a Volcano?????? SIGN ME UP. 

I cannot wait for this Movie. I will honestly be the first person in line for the premiere. This is the pinnacle of my 30 years on this earth. 

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