Former Steelers RB #26 & failing rap artist is done in Pittsburgh

You piece of shit. I now know why people say that when you break up with someone that you should do it quickly and swiftly instead of dragging your partner along for months at a time giving them hope. It would’ve been fine if #26 would have said i’m not going to play this year because of this, this, and this and I will just be with another team in 2019. That would’ve been fine. Nope, thats not how it was handled. #26 handled it like some kid in junior high who hates his gf but is too scared to break up with her because she gave him his first handjob. Lets recap what he did this year (very short version…. i’m not wasting my time on him)

  1. #26 said he would show up week 1 just like last year…. Nope
  2. #26 said he would show up during the bye week… nope
  3. #26 says Fairwell to Miami ( you had fucking ten weeks to learn how to spell and say goodbye to Miami and your precious jet skis you fuck.)

4. #26 travels all the way to Pittsburgh to play some pick up basketball at an LA fitness. I now have to just assume that he couldn’t find a good pickup game in Miami and only came to Pittsburgh for this.

5. For the first time all year the Steelers report that they expect #26 to report back because I assume he told them he would.

6. #26 decides he’s not coming back because he’s scared James Conner will continue to make him look bad and he’s going to get significantly less money next year. 

The dude is not a man of his word and the football gods pay attention to that. They do not take disrespecting the game lightly. He is destined to never do good things again. 

I cannot wait for #26 to go to the Jets or to the Browns or Bucs, or Raiders and be absolutely miserable behind Offensive lines that are not even close to the Steelers. Good luck doing your pitter patter bullshit behind any other line. Would be a real shame if teams saw what Conner was doing behind that line and realized #26 shouldn’t be paid more than an average back.

James Conner has exposed #26 and his market value has never been lower. If he was a real man he would’ve showed up for the last 7 games and playoffs to show that he’s better than Conner and still get paid. Would be a real shame if James Conner scores the winning TD in the Super Bowl. That would just be the perfect ending.

I also really hope #26 didn’t turn down 14 million this year because he thinks his way to much auto-tune rap career is going anywhere. His most popular song has 100,000 streams on Spotify. I assume #26 spent weeks and months writing and recording his album to get 100,000 streams. Pat fucked around and wrote a comedy rap about the Sea of Japan and Jim Kong in 2 hours and got 135,000 streams just fucking around lol…. Still a banger. #26 has 0 future in music.

Oh and these are just more lies.

#26 will go down as the most hated Pittsburgh athlete of all time and it’s not even close. Barry Bonds is now allowed back. 

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