Fart’n Dust Observations

So I’m old, so old that when I fart I fart dust (old joke). Well damn old compared to the crew that works at Heartland.  Pat McAfee, my son, obviously has created a Media hotspot.  During any day there are videos filmed, podcasts created, merchandise created, production meetings, etc, etc.

From the outside when an old guy like me who has worked in a physical manner all his life moves into a playground like The Pat McAfee Show to use office space he see’s an entirely different world.  At first glance you walk in and everyone is chit chatting, laughing, playing basketball and who knows what?  Then as the day goes on you start to see something.  Everything that has happened so far is a building block for the rest of the day.  There is a method to the madness.  Current events and new jokes and new projects come streaming out of the conversations and become “content”.  That’s right “content” the life blood of this crazy social media biz.  When discussions take place and someone brings up a “what if scenario” the usual response is well, even if it fails completely that’s great content.


So what makes this place tick? Great people who on the surface look to genuinely care about each other and want the success of the company to be all of their success.  From Pat communicating the back end goings on, to the guys jumping in to help one another in anyway they can.  One minute they will be typing blogs the next they’ll be helping someone set up a shot for a video.  Or they’ll grab on to something someone else is moving.  Cooperation that is awesome to watch.  No one holds themselves more important than the others.  It is a team at the very core.

When one looks in from the outside you see an everyday party.  But when you pull the curtain back it is a hard working machine in the new world.   The world of content.  I am proud to know this team, they are an outstanding group.  And so proud of the one that put this entire thing together, Pat McAfee.

Welcome to the new frontier of content.