It’s not often that the ole alma mater gets in the news but last night they were in the news and it was Electric. Let me paint the picture for you. Duquesne is a 5.5 point underdog to Penn State, there is 5 seconds left, a foul is called on Duquense. The following ensues. 


Coach Keith Dambrot did not agree with the call and proceeded to get a double technical which meant 6 free throws for Penn State. That’s ok though, no way is a kid going to hit 6 free throws in a row and you lose your plus 5.5 bet. WRONG


What a horrendous way to lose a bet. Absolutely horrendous. This is something that will cause humans to never make a bet again. Being from Pittsburgh and going to this school, part of me thinks the fix was in. Maybe Coach Dambrot had some gambling debts himself and was forced to go as far as he could to get these double technicals and allow Penn State to cover. You never know with the characters in that city. Also since he was once Lebron’s coach you have to assume Lebron gets most of the blame. 


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