Disgruntled Guy Fingers Entire Town

Have to respect a good grudge. Any argument or dispute that lasts over a decade means anything goes. The seeds of hate have taken root and after 10 arduous years they have blossomed into a one big beautiful “Fuck You.” Few things are as satisfying as flipping somebody the bird after they do some dumb, irrational bullshit… Imagine being able to deliver one of the biggest of all time to your entire town!


Ten years ago, Ted Pelkey wanted to build a 8,000 square foot garage, so he could move his truck repair and recycling businesses to his own property, rather than working in the nearby town of Swanton, Vermont. It’s not exactly clear why, but local government was not about it and shut it down, refusing to give Teddy a permit. 


Pelkey fought them for years, but no dice.  A true battle of proletariat and the bourgeoisie. A blue collar man vs the corrupt government machine! Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to show everyone his distaste for the constant rejection. Ted dropped a cool $4,000 to erect a 20 ft high giant middle finger statue in his front yard…

Putting spotlights on it for night time was a nice touch. The most beautiful irony in all of this drama is Pelkey outsmarted the local government with a loophole after they had been jerking him around for years. You would think town officials would simply force him to take it down, but they can’t! Suckers! Apparently, yes the town had banned billboards in the past, but since the giant finger statue is not advertising a business, it’s technically public art. Public art in town is protected by free speech. Pelkey’s thoughts? “Most wonderful thing I’ve ever been told in my life.”

Respect to you Mr. Pelkey. Let that hate flow long and strong, loud and proud. 


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