Derrick Rose Dropped 50 Last Night

No, Derrick Rose and 50 Cent didn’t get in a fight last night, he just scored 50 points.

Derrick Rose went from 100-0 faster than almost any other sports figure in my lifetime. The guy won Rookie of the Year, then the MVP, then the wheels (knees) started to fall off. Some may go back a year further than his rookie year and say the national championship was the beginning of the end, but hey, free throws are a pain in the ass. I lost thousands on fucking free throws all he did was lose a national championship. 

This game last night is just another reason why sports can possess some of the best moments at any given time. Half the world doesn’t even think Basketball has started yet. But somehow, Derrick Rose comes out just a few weeks into the season and looks like the old #1 Derrick Rose we knew from the Bulls. I bet Thibodeau watched this entire game not even realizing he was coaching the T-Wolves and thinking they were in Chicago. He’s probably crying about the potential of him still being in Chi-Town with an uninjured D-Rose and Jimmy Butler. Don’t think many backcourts could match that skill if injuries were erased from history. 

Insane how high this dude used to get up. On some of those rejections he was up above the block on the backboard. Those highlights were awesome too because it was the pre Golden State NBA.