Degenerate Digs’ Tuesday Night MACtion Pick

I’d like to say that I have 0% confidence in this pick. So if you listen to me and it doesn’t win I don’t want you blaming me. The reason why I have so little confidence is because the weather is supposed to HORRIBLE. 

When the winds are going to be consistent 25-35 with gusts of 60 mph you have no idea what’s going to happen. Normally I’d have confidence in hammering the under but it has dropped from 57 all the way down to 40 and now back up to 45 which makes me think I’ll take it.

Thanks to Sports Action for the Graph

Buffalo is a very good passing team & Kent has a dog shit pass defense which would’ve had a tough night but with the Wind who knows how things will go. I think that is why the line has moved from 21.5 to 17.

Thanks to Sports Action for the graph

With all of these things factoring in I am going to put small bets on both KENT ST & THE UNDER. Fuck it, its Tuesday Night MACtion.

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