Chris Ballard Says No To The Drama

This is what i like to see, a GM with all the money in the world saying no to all the drama that most other GM’s would throw money at. Chris Ballard knows what he wants and by the looks of things he also knows what he doesn’t want.

Players like Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown would no doubt help any team in the NFL there is no debating that, but at what cost. When was the last time a team with a diva wide receiver won a Super Bowl or a team with the highest paid running back. Exceptions can be made, the Rams paid Gurley a lot of money but they still have Goff on his rookie contract so well see how that plays out when he’s due for his big payday.

Chris Ballard did one hell of a job this year with his draft picks and signing players like Eric Ebron, so theres no reason not to believe in him acquiring more of the same this offseason. With the Colts coming off a playoff berth and win rather than 4-12 you will see a lot more players intrigued to join the Colts than this past offseason.

It was a tough loss in Kansas City on Saturday and they looked far from their best, but Chris Ballard turned this team around in 48 months and from the looks of things these Colts should continue to pickup steam. Im excited to see what the future holds for this team and all you Colts fans out there should be too. Hope y’all enjoyed the weekend despite the game Saturday. Lets Enjoy the rest of these playoffs.

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