Celebrity Guest Blog

This blog was written by Pat Angerer.

As always, it was a great time talking with the guys on the Pat McAfee Show 2.0.  Every time I’m on the show my wife gives me shit and tells me that Pat must be “pretty hard up” to have my washed-up ass on the pod.  The fatter and more pathetic I get, the more she loves me.  It was the first time me and Pat had talked in months where we didn’t mention any naked dudes.  Pat was one of the first guys to be nice to me in Indy.  Not like anybody was mean, but for me as a new guy who hadn’t done a damn thing, I just wanted to keep my mouth shut, my head down, and stay out of people’s way.  But Pat, Vinny (GOAT), and Justin Snow were always open and welcoming which allowed you to be yourself, which at that time, was a dude with a couple visible abs, a solid hairline and had just made enough money where I could buy whatever the hell I wanted at Walmart.

I had the privilege of being Pat’s PP for several years.  I don’t recommend being another man’s PP, but if you must be someone’s PP, be Pat’s. He’s way bigger than you’d think…unlike most punters.  We had a lot of fun together, slapped a lot of butts and tackled a lot of people that weren’t looking.  Got called cracker a lot, which I miss. Townhouses are the best by the way.
My last two years were tough with surgeries and I was mentally pretty broken down.  Fought a naked guy once (not recommended) and did not get resigned by the Colts.  My last year with the Colts I had season ending knee surgery, once I didn’t get resigned all these teams said that when I got healthy they’d have a spot for me.  The Falcons were the only team that held true to their word.  But, unfortunately for them, they didn’t need a slow, fat guy that would boost Busch Light sales. But whatever, you got to do what you got to do.  Kid Rock never played for the Falcons and he’s the American Bad Ass so you just got to move on.

Here’s where I am at right now…I’m a mortgage loan originator at a credit union in Iowa, semi-pro tag team wrestling champion of the world, and am currently George Kittle’s (THE GREATEST TE IN THE NFL) life coach.  I went from battling guys on the field and after showers, to battling mortgage rates, obesity, baldness (not putting up a good fight) and any demons or brick walls that dare get in the way of TE legend George Kittle. Literally, batting 100% on the life coach thing.  Hall of fame numbers.


Big shout out to McAfee being so damn good to me all the time.  Being done with football sucks and is very hard to deal with.  Harder than I ever imagined. I miss it every day. But being able to listen to him talk and laugh brings me back to a lot of great times.  You look at where we are at in society, and we all need to spend more time laughing with each other and appreciate everyone around us.  At the end of the day, we are in this shit together and we’re all we got.  That’s #6 on Pillars of Life.

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