Call Of Duty Turns 15 Years Old

Yesterday, the Call of Duty franchise, a game that has taken up years of my life, had their 15th anniversary. 

Without Call of Duty, I don’t think the world is the way it is today. The “Millenial” generation started as soon as Call of Duty lobbies started to get moderated. The video below (start at 35 seconds) shows the check and balance-esque system that Call of Duty imposed on the B Team players of the world. If you suck, you don’t get a pat on the back nice try. You heard about how terrible you were at the game and that drove me to be better. There was no feeling worse than being exposed in a COD lobby which is the reason you strengthen your hand game or at least get better at the mental warfare aspect of the lobby. 

PC culture put the dog that was COD lobbies down swiftly. It’s like watching something from your childhood die. We don’t have such a pussification problem if COD lobbies like the one above still existed. It’s tough to pick which Call of Duty had the grittiest lobby, but anywhere from Call of Duty 4 to Modern Warfare 3 would be the last great era of trash talk. This was from 2007-2011, primetime for someone like me who was going through puberty and hated my parents cause they wouldn’t let me play World of Warcraft. You could find me in my basement at any day of the week from 3 pm on just howling into a microphone at someone who was doing the same half way across the world. Realistically, I don’t think I get good at sports without the anger that COD lobbies brought me. I worked out just incase I ran into a familiar voice that I knew was the kid talking shit about the Patriots in that one Call of Duty World at War lobby (personal favorite Call of Duty).

 I don’t know what Call of Duty is thinking here. Halo tried this and I don’t understand why any company after would do the same. Halo was the one video game that I thought could make real money in the movie industry. Call of Duty would just be a worse version of an actual war movie. Hacksaw Ridge just came out and Call of Duty wants to follow up that story with one of their video game plot lines? I enjoy the game, but a movie is a tragic idea for this gaining franchise. The track record speaks for itself. Halo got shutdown, Warcraft bombed, Mortal Kombat even did terrible. Really hope this gets shut down and if it doesn’t then I hope it ends with the beginning of Nazi Zombies and the sequel is just a longer more violent Walking Dead episode.

What is Internet’s favorite Call of Duty? Would you watch the COD movie? Comment below and let me know.