BREAKING NEWS: There Is Live Football On TV Every Night For The Next 4 Weeks

My God, what a beautiful thing to read. Look, the World Series is already pretty much over, and the NBA isn’t going to really start heating up until around Christmas. Football is what moves the needle in the winter months. Period. If this news doesn’t get you erect, it’s safe to assume you have no pulse.

Quality NFL games through Thanksgiving, the return of MACtion, more marquee NCAA matchups moving into weekday nights, this is stuff degenerates dream about. One guy in particular is extra giddy this morning with this development.

Probably wouldn’t be a terrible time to reload that MyBookie account and ride the rails for the next month, grab a couple of wins and get yourself something nice for Christmas (perhaps one of these . There’s a lot of bullshit and negativity going on it the world right now; this is not one of those things. Sometimes I don’t think we fully appreciate what the Football God’s have delivered to us time and time again, and I couldn’t be more appreciative┬áready to lose all of my money. Strap in folks, it’s going to be a wild few weeks.