Block Dad Has Already Won The Weight Loss Competition

If you were unaware who Block Dad was, this is the block pull heard ’round the world. Does someone who can defy physics like that look like a loser to you? Tim McAfee is a champion. A hard hat, lunch pail, grit guy through and through, 242 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal.. and he will be your 2019 Weight Loss Competition Champion.

I know what you may be thinking. “Tim’s too old, he’s at a major disadvantage when he’s competing against these young pups who can manipulate their weight leading up to the competition.” That may be true, but what you don’t know is that Tim has quietly been going full steam ahead into bulking season as we approach the start date. He hasn’t been flashy, hasn’t been in your face about it, but he’s been packing on pounds.

We’ve got one hell of a plan moving forward. Obviously, I can’t divulge too much information on said plan, in an effort to keep Zeet, Todd, and Digs at bay, but what I can tell you is that we have quite the ace in the hole. We’re doing this for the kids, trying to put as many kids whose parents are in the military through college, and we will not fail. Curious what kids we’re trying to help here or maybe how you can support Tim, and in turn, the kids? Look no further.

Look for some videos and pictures to come out in the following weeks that will detail Tim’s journey to getting the strap. There’s a good chance we’ll have a couple special guests coming in to keep Tim motivated (not that he needs it), because we will not lose sight that we have one mission and one mission only… to do this for the kids. The weight loss is just an added bonus here.

We’re not worried about Zeet, Todd, or Digs. These guys are all involved in this weight loss competition for selfish reasons. They’re thinking solely about their bank accounts and the personal gains that would come from winning the Weight Loss Belt. We won’t rest, we won’t sleep, we won’t go quietly into the night, until every military kid out there has a scholarship. That’s the goal. If you’re betting on the Weight Loss Competition (, bet on the correct horse. Odds haven’t been released yet, but Tim McAfee is who the sharp bettors are on.

Zeet has gained about 40 pounds in the last two weeks and I don’t know if he’s got enough juice left in the tank to get down to a winning weight. Zeetski may stay in the 280-300 range for the rest of his life after this.

Todd has bulked up for sure, but I don’t know if he’s putting on enough weight. Typically you’ll have to get a bigger pair of jeans to slide into if you’re gaining weight. Todd, on the other hand, can’t seem to keep his pants up.

And although I love Digs, he’s been struggling thus far. Says he feels like shit, looks like shit right now (kind of), and I think everyone is assuming he will throw in the towel at some point during the month of January. I love him, but the guy quits.. it’s just what he does.

(He quit after a season and spring ball. And he loves football. You think he loves starving himself? Me neither.)

So again, if you’re wondering who to put your chips on in this competition, do you want to put that money on someone who’s doing it for selfish reasons and personal gain, or someone who’s trying to change the world. Make the right decision. Let’s do this for the kids, for chrissakes.