He’s done it again, that bad man Nick Foles pulled off another miracle in Chicago last night. He wasn’t at his best yesterday throwing two interceptions earlier in the game, but at the end of that game you just felt like this guy was going to get it done once again.

I honestly have no idea how this guy continues to win these games and no matter how close they are, whether the Eagles are winning or losing, it always feels like Foles is gonna pull these games out. He doesn’t feel the pressure and for whatever reason the Eagles are a better team with him at the helm rather than Carson Wentz.

The Eagles defence did their part yesterday as well lets not take anything away from them, they were great all day. At the end of the day it was on Foles to do it for them and once again he did. I have one question for you to think about and this is a very big IF. If these Eagles go into New Orleans, in the dome after losing 48-7 already this season and Foles pulls this thing off and takes them to the NFC championship. Do you still go back to Carson Wentz next year or do you finally admit this is BIG DICK NICKS team. Hope y’all enjoyed wildcard weekend as much as i did, lets have a week.

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