A 77 Hour Flight Home Is Nightmare Fuel


This flight was supposed to go from Orlando to London. Instead, it went from Orlando to New York, and New York to London. This process, including a 2 hour stint on the runway, took 77 hours. I don’t know if there is anything I’m more scared of than this situation right here. The only case I can think of off the top of my head is an airline that also forces you to see the dentist during your flight. 


British Airways getting caught in the worst Twitter apology possibly ever. ‘Sorry for the late reply. We can see you’re now on your way home.’ Tom clapped back hard with the “Let’s hope you up your game.” Ouch, Tom, hitting the airline right where it hurts, Twitter. Not sure how the person behind the Twitter is supposed to step up their game but a meme response would’ve helped. I’d be banging my head against the wall if this ever happened to me. Plus, halfway through your flight the airline tweets you ‘at least you’re on your way home now.’ That’s enough for me to open up the exit door and call it a career. 


This lady is the reason I don’t feel bad for everyone on this flight. Deplorable is a pompous word, but lady, your children did not have to sleep on the floor. You should of been their pillow/bed and you should have found a good string of chairs in the airport. If anything, this is a tweet promoting bad parenting in airports and for that I can’t sympathize with this woman. Obviously sleeping on the floor of an airport is enough to pull your own hair out. But don’t say your children had to sleep on the floor, you could of been their for them. Also, five and a half hours of sleep on an airport floor is outstanding, most people go about their business without that much sleep.