102 Year Old Lady Dies Skydiving

Just kidding, she didn’t die, but she has to be at least tapping the bucket with her foot. 


Yeah, that’s right, Strega Nona is 102 years old now, feel old yet? In all seriousness this lady is a badass. There’s not many people that live life to the fullest that are a quarter the age of this lady right here so I’m glad I saw such a great video. I do think her heart is in the wrong place though. Australia is fantastic but if you’re 102 jumping out of an airplane somebody should probably be paying you for this extraordinary feat. I added the video below because I saw it immediately after this one and I want everyone to watch how horrible the Tik Tok app is. This should not be allowed to be seen by human eyes. This lady is literally dead and somebody is just filming her dying. What a wild place for someone to be on an app named after a Kesha song and what a wild world that a family member didn’t smack the shit out of whoever was filming. 


Seriously, that video is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in 2018. Strega Nona should find this person just to get revenge for the old people of the Solar System. I say solar system cause if there are videos like this out there, some sort of alien race is coming to obliterate this planet. Aliens don’t fuck with messing with older people, they always take them first in an alien invasion and wear their skin to blend in. Takes the pain away for the old people and then they don’t have to be apart of the enslavement process. Aliens are very elderly friendly, have to respect that.

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