YUP, the entire Cheez-it bowl gets the most prestigious award in sports. Did you read the above tweet wrong? Nope. 9 Total interceptions and 17 total points. It was an absolute masterpiece. Look at the first half highlights. I may rename the award the Cheez-it award.

I knew the offenses in this game were horrible and the defenses were good but it was hard to see how either of these teams won a game with these QB’s. Look at their stats. Look how amazing they are. Yes I’m a big Bird Box meme guy. 

I hope you were apart of this game because the internet was buzzing and it was truly a Christmas Miracle. Lets not forget about Gary Patterson icing his own kickers. The game really had everything.

Congratulations Cheez-it Bowl. You were so good you almost renamed the award. In fact its now probably the Cheez-it CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award. I will make sure this game will never be forgotten. Also bowl season is over because it won’t get any better than this. 

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